C-Bons International Golf Group Management, LLC

C-Bons International Golf Group Management, LLC (CBIGG MGMT.) is a subsidiary of the C-Bons Group, a Chinese conglomerate engaged in the real estate, tourism, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, textile and media industries.  CBIGG MGMT. is based in Las Vegas, NV and was formed to acquire golf and related hospitality properties.  the company first acquired four projects in Nevada and Arizona, in 2014 added another 22 properties in Texas and the Northeast, and in 2016 added Berkeley Country Club (formerly known as Mira Vista Country Club) in California with a goal of opportunistically creating a golf and hospitality platform all over the U.S.

The CBIGG MGMT. plan is a sustainable plan in which patience is a virtue, and buying the right properties is more important than simply adding to the portfolio.  CBIGG MGMT. is led by golf enthusiasts who have a passion for the game, in addition to the business knowledge to provide a strong return on investment while providing the end user a compelling experience.

CBIGG MGMT.’ leadership team includes development, operations, financial and construction experts encompassing many years of hands on experience.  A major component of the CBIGG MGMT. business philosophy is to “build our business by building our people.”   In addition, CBIGG MGMT. believes you must grow a company by driving revenues while managing the expenses. 
CBIGG MGMT. is currently in the market for golf properties that provide the combination of opportunity, experience and location that can be leveraged by CBIGG MGMT.’S leadership team.  These acquisitions are not geographically limited, but based on the greatest opportunity.